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In the artistic practice of Aldo Giannotti drawing plays a central role as an excellent tool for the communication of socio-architectural concepts. It helps him to “undress” an idea, in order to obtain its most pointed formulation, which can take the shape of a concise statement or an unsolved question, a witty remark or a disarming joke. This strategy allows Giannotti to deal with a wide range of complex issues without ever being didactic nor pretentious: from cultural identities to kinship structures, from the distribution of power relations within a given society to the precarious balance of the financial system and of the art system itself.
With Flight of steps, a site specific intervention in THE MARK, Aldo Giannotti is realizing 35 wall - drawings that cover throughout the entire staircase of the building, starting from the first floor, reaching to the roof top. Reflecting on how we move through the architecture of a staircase, the series of drawings offer a metaphoric, existential subtext. Each drawing considers topics, relating to a different phase of a person’s life. Viewed together they will represent the steps of a human existence (from youth to old age).

However, the conceptual scope of Giannotti’s body of work only opens up in the tension between the immediate visualisation of an idea and its performative execution. Indeed, his drawings are often used as handling instructions to delimit the extent of performative actions, in which the artist as well as his audience take part. By doing this, virtual concepts are embedded in the rough surface of the real and tested for their resistance and potential. The results of such a performative investigation are then presented in a variety of media such as photography, video, installation and sculpture. 
Giannotti’s main interest lies in the interrelationship between physical and symbolic space. At its core lies the idea, that there is an intimate connection between the way a space is arranged and the tendency to behave in a particular way within it. By altering those ‘spatial dispositions’, which turn the physical space into a system of significance, the artist performs an important change in the interaction of individuals with their environment and, thereby, explores the structure and functioning of the social space. 

Shifting from one significance system to another, crossing the border between them, Giannotti lets those rules of play, which are usually perceived as natural, appear as a ‘cultural matter of fact’ in their contingency and plasticity. In this way, the representation of real possibilities can make room for the presentation of new possible realities. (Giorgio Palma) 

His work has been shown in places such as:
Albertina, Vienna; Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna; Lentos Museum, Linz; Kunsthaus Graz; Museion, Bozen; Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Vienna; Ar/ge kunst, Bozen; Künstlerhaus Dortmund; Museum der Moderne, Salzburg. 

Aldo Gianotti